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Product Description

Product Description

Slope’s Insulated Fast Zip Lunch Bag – Keeps Your Food Safe and You Stylish

You did it! You found a meal that is super healthy, easy to make and totally impresses your cute Vegan neighbor. After slaving over a hot stove (or overpriced juicer) you shouldn’t have to worry about getting your tasty new creation from A to B. Slope’s Neoprene Insulated Fast Zip Lunch Bag is the sleekest and most dependable way to keep your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners fresh and secure when you’re on the go.

Inspired by our daily struggle to protect meals on subway trains and in office refrigerators, we’ve created a durable, easy to store lunch bag that keeps your food safe and tasting fresh.

While the natural cotton canvas/polyurethane is super durable, it also super flexible, making post-meal storage super easy. Essentially, it’s big when you need it to be big and small when you need it to be small.

The Fast Zip design is simple, as well as versatile: high quality neoprene insulation keeps food fresh and secure, but the bag also smoothly unzips into an awesome and easy to clean food tray. That means that you can transport, protect and enjoy your food all with one fantastic looking bag!  

Slope Lunch Bag Features:

  • The Slope lunch bag has a flat base that is perfect for storing tupperware or other containers (not included) and curved back to help keep cups and thermoses (not included) upright 
  • Made from natural cotton canvas or nylon that provides flexibility without sacrificing any durability
  • Reinforced zigzag stitching, with a reinforced seam at the base of the bag to ensure strength
  • Quality YKK zippers, with removable nylon pull tab
  • Lightweight, heat resistant, and rustproof polyester coil zippers
  • Machine trimmed interior insulation that never gets caught in the zipper, making opening and closing extra fast and easy
  • Extra strong nylon carrying strap that is durable when you need it and out of the way when you don’t need it
  • Natural cotton canvas bags are durable and available in an assortment of beautiful colors, designs, and materials
  • Nylon bags water/stain resistant polyurethane 

Finally, a lunch bag that will keep up with you!

Slope has put together the perfect on-the-go lunch bag. The flat base has reinforced stitching for increased stregnth, perfect for storing food containers (not included). It also features an extra strong nylon carrying strap that is durable when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. Made from super flexible natural cotton canvas or polyester our bag fits into virtually any backpack, tote bag, or briefcase. 

Stop cleaning dishes during your lunch. 
Cleaning during your lunch break is like the new intern slurping ranch off his pizza: no one likes it. Our bag not only opens and closes super easy, it can also acts as a super easy-to-clean food tray. It has plenty of room and doesn’t smell like stale popcorn – unlike the break room. Once you’re finished, just toss your garbage, fold up your lunch bag and let the pizza-slurping intern get dishpan hands (we all know they he deserves them). 

Never get caught up on a crummy lunch bag. S
When you’re hungry, nothing should get in between you and your lunch, especially your lunch bag. The Fast Zip Lunch Bag’s interior insulation is machine trimmed, so it will never get caught on the zipper. 
We really do mean FAST Zip! 
SOne of the coolest features of the Fast Zip Lunch Bag is how quickly and easily it opens and closes. Just grab that high quality YKK zipper and pull away. The brilliant Fast Zip design will take care of the rest. 
Fresh in more ways than one. S
Our bags don’t just keep your food looking delicious, they’re also available in a range of beautiful colors, designs, and materials. From vibrant southwest patterns to classic, subtle black, we have the perfect bag for you.

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