Stainless Steel Metal Latching Food Container Reusable Non Plastic Lunch Box

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Stainless Steel Metal Latching Food Container Reusable Non Plastic Lunch Box


Customer Review: This is perfect for my kids lunches! I had ordered ECOlunchbox Solo Cube also, which cost twice as much. They are both terrific, no problems three months later with daily use M-F. However, after three months of use, both kids agree this one is better as it is larger and fits bagels as well as sandwiches, unlike the Ecolunchbox. I am ordering another one, and I will use the smaller one for veggies to take to work, though I think I would prefer this one too as I could put my salad in it!I line them with a cloth napkin I have cut to fit, put the sandwich on the napkin and insert into the box.This box holds the larger sandwich bread or a sub roll and all the goodies. The latches so far have been fine, but time will tell. It seems sturdy and perfect for backpack travel to and from school on a bike.
Customer Review: I’ve been using this food container off-and-on now for over a year. After considering many different containers for my daily salad I settled on this one. Plastic is flimsy and I didn’t like the idea that some plastics can stain or leach into your food. Glass is way too heavy, and it’s also bulky compared to the amount you can put into it. This container is light, it holds a lot, and it’s a snap to clean. It’s a cinch to open and close up, and best of all I like eating my salads out of it. As for rust — I’ve used mine for over a year and I don’t see a speck of rust. The latches are still as good as ever, and the entire container looks the way it did when I received it. You will note that this container is not leak-proof. It does make a tight seal. Even after a year I notice a slight “vacuumy” drag when I open it. However, if you put water in it and hold it upside down it’s going to leak. Some people have warned that the edges are sharp, which is only partially true. The first time I washed mine I was startled by how deeply the edges bit into my skin, but the edge was thin — not really sharp — and I didn’t cut myself. After that first time I’ve never had a problem. All-in-all, if you’re looking for a take-along food container for solid food, and you want something that’s easy to clean and built to last, I think you’ll like this little metal lunch container. Mine has served me well. 5 stars.
Customer Review: I am sick and tired of every single food item being heated/stored/encased in plastic. It is unavoidable, but I refuse to buy any more of those plastic food storage containers, and I want to cut back on plastic bags. I bought pyrex storage, but after a few washings the lids (PLASTIC!) never fit right. I figured I’d try this. It isn’t a big investment, and if it didn’t work well, no big loss. I LOVE this container and plan to buy and give away more. I doubt it is water tight, but I did put soup in it to freeze, which of course was fine. The locking mechanism looks like it will last a long time. To top it off, it looks great! No more plastic containers, and this will save money in the long run.UPDATE: Now that I’ve had it a for a few months(and ordered more as gifts as well as for me) I love it even more. Great in the dishwasher, still shines like new after lots of use. UPDATE 10/5/13: They look new even now. Best for short term freezer storage, under 6 months, as they are not completely airtight and so ice crystals form over longer periods. Very happy.
Customer Review: When I made my buying decision on this item, the thing I most wanted to know but couldn’t find out from the reviews was whether or not this product would hold two thin (ie PBJ) sandwiches stacked on top of each other. It will, though there’s little or no vertical room to spare. With two thin sandwiches in place, there’s still enough space left off to one side for a few sweet pickles or maybe a small-sized dill. Not much, though. By a few, I mean a _few_.As for the the rest…The edges aren’t dangerously sharp.The latches aren’t hard to figure out, nor do they appear flimsy. Only time will tell how they hold up.No, it won’t hold soup or other liquids. It’s not _designed_ for that— if it were, you’d see a rubber seal of some sort in the photos, as well as a much higher price tag. You don’t get something for nothing in this world, though I’m continually amazed at how many people never give up trying.After being so impressed with this item I’m considering buying another small steel container for my daily Fritos, so they don’t get smashed in my backpack anymore.
Customer Review: Besides using my New Wave container for lunches and snacks, I freeze ready made hamburger and turkey burgers patties in them. It will hold a turkey theigh or a rib eye steak or two depending on thickness, and keeps them very well. I put a double layer of waxed papper in between so that I can remove one at a time. Sure beats putting them in plastic and they won’t fit in my glass freezer jars.As for not being liquid proof, no one ever promised that. If they had the seal necessary to be liquid proof, you couldn’t wash the lids in the dishwasher and the silicone seal would probably eventually come loose. This is the biggest, nicest container for the money. I have four of them and stick by my 5 star rating. I don’t find them to be sharp as some have said. It is not a rolled edge, but it is not sharp.One lady said that she brings hers to the restaurant with her to take home leftovers. I thought that was a great idea. I hate those styrofoam containers and what they can leach into my food.I only wish that I could get them larger to put larger cuts of meat in the freezer. Maybe one day they will make them larger, when they realize that people are not just using them for lunches.


Item Description

  • No leach, no chemicals, no toxins
  • Fits perfectly in your lunchbox
  • Reusable forever!
  • Dimensions: 6′ x 4.5′ x 2′
The New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel food container provides an affordable alternative to plastic for food storage and lunch boxes. Constructed of 100 percent food-grade stainless steel, this container contains zero plastics and will not leach any chemicals or toxins into food. Additionally, the stainless steel is easy to clean and will not retain leftover food flavors from your last meal. Durable and leak proof, the container is designed to fit into your lunchbox and carry a sandwich, salad, or snacks.

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