Why you need a Lunch Box!

Think you don’t need a lunch box? Think that lunch boxes are just for school kids?

Let’s be real! Lunch boxes are not just for kids; they are just as good for adults as they are for children! Healthy lunches and snacks are essential for a healthy life and with a lunchbox, you can choose what to eat. Additionally, lunch boxes save money by lowering your food expenses.

A large insulated lunch box with a lot of food!

A large insulated lunch box with a lot of food!

Eating healthy foods help people and children function properly. With a combination of fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, and carbs; learning and concentrating at school or at work can be positively affected.

Remember that not all lunch boxes are equal so be sure to pick the right one for food safety. Remember that food can be stored in lunch boxes for several hours so be sure the lunch box stays cool especially if you live in a warm environment. Therefore, here are FOUR lunchbox tips that can help keep your food fresh.

First, choose an insulated lunch box. A good insulated lunch box will keep you food cold and fresh for many hours.   Get insulated lunch boxes here!

Second, add a frozen water bottle and wrap it close to the food with aluminum foil to keep the food cool.

Third, prepare the food the night before and store in the freezer or the refrigerator.

Fourth, know the kinds of foods that spoil quickly. Foods such as meats, eggs, dairy do not last as long as other foods and should be eaten within four hours after preparation. It would be best to cool perishable foods after having it cooked.

You can add many types of food into your lunch box that gives you the independence to eat what you want to eat instead of having to decide where to eat. Some of the best types of foods for lunch boxes include:

  1. Fruits (apples, oranges, grapefruits, bananas, etc.)
  2. Vegetables (e.g. vegetable sticks)
  3. Bread (with peanut butter) or rice which is great for bento boxes!
  4. Cooked meat (best frozen overnight)
  5. Baked beans

Fruits should be added fresh. It is not recommended to add dried fruit because of the high sugar content so cut or unpeeled oranges, apples, strawberries, and whatever type of fruit you or your child likes is highly recommended. You can never go wrong with fresh fruits!

Vegetables are a bit tricky for children but should be added to develop the habit of eating them later in life. Vegetables not only provide essential nutrients, they carry on a lot of fiber. Carrots, celery, tomatoes, and cucumber all taste great with some type of dressing. Peanut butter which is a great addition which can be used as a dip for the vegetables but please do not use mayonnaise as it can spoil very quickly if not kept cool.

Bread and rice offer a lot of carbs for energy. It is best to add a variety of breads such as bagels,  muffins, foccacias, pita bread, tortillas, and etc.

With cooked meat, you can start by adding cooked salmon or chicken breast. Just remember to have them frozen or chilled the night before so that they won’t go bad.

Baked beans and similar is another great source of protein so add them in a water tight container! Black beans, pork beans, and many type of beans are a great choice for lunch boxes.

Remember, the simpler the type of food is, the safer it is to eat eat out of the box.

How About Drinks in lunch boxes?

Water and chilled milk are best. For adults, try adding your low sugar energy drink or a black canned coffee. What makes liquids very helpful is that when frozen or chilled,  they can keep the food within the lunch box cool! So add one even if you have a water fountain at school or at work!

All in all, a lunch box offers you the freedom to choose and eat healthy. Your diet is no longer dictated by what your cafeteria or close by restaurant serves. Furthermore, having a lunch box helps keep your food fresh and ready to eat whenever you please. Most importantly, although not mentioned much here is that a lunch box helps keep your food expenses. Why go out and eat out daily when you can eat better and healthier food from your home.