Bento Lunch Box with 5 Compartments Pink Carry Bag with Retro Kitty Magnets

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  • Complete eco-friendly solution designed to make packing healthy lunches easy and fun
  • Includes stainless steel lunchbox, 2 round lidded containers; a soft carry bag, and set of hip magnets
  • Individual compartments ensure foods don’t touch each other and arrive looking neat and appealing
  • Made out of safe, non-toxic, and recycled materials – safe from lead, PVC, phthalates, or BPA
  • All in one piece design for easy care and cleaning – no mismatched lids to lose – dishwasher safe.


PlanetBox Rover Complete is the eco and easy way to pack healthy, waste-free lunches. Part bento box, part TV dinner tray, PlanetBox is the custom-designed, all in one solution for packing well-balanced lunches kids love. Made out of high quality stainless steel, its the safe, non-toxic alternative to plastic. Individual compartments ensure that foods don’t touch each other and that lunch arrives looking neat and appealing. The individual compartments remind parents to pack a varied lunch which includes fruits and veggies, and makes eating that lunch quick and easy for kids. Even though PlanetBox is designed for kids, it also works great for adults who want to pack a healthy lunch without overeating. Each set comes with a PlanetBox lunchbox; 2 lidded containers with a silicone rubber lid for packing wet, messy foods; a Carry Bag made out of recycled material; and a set of hip magnets to decorate the top of the lunchbox. The PlanetBox lunchbox measures 10 inches x 7.5 inches x 1.5 inches. The Carry Bag measures 11.5 x 9.5 x 2 inches, has a pocket to hold your own water bottle (bottle included), and a separate compartment to hold a snack. Dishwasher safe. designed for hot foods. Safe, non-toxic, non leaching materials – safe from lead, PVC, phthalates, or BPA. 5 year on metal components, 1 year on soft goods. your old fashioned metal lunch box, PlanetBox delivers lunch transportation for the green generation.

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Pink Carry Bag with Retro Kitty Magnets




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